LeFlore County Youth Services, Inc.
Office Hours:  
Monday - Friday   8 - 5 pm
        Office 918-647-4196         
Shelter  918-647-4198
 Fax  918-647-5741

       LeFlore County Youth Services Emergency Youth Shelter operates a new 8 bed facility 24 hours and day 7 days a week providing temporary and emergency shelter to youth ages 10 to 17. These children are offered a place of safety during uncertain and turbulent times. Counseling services may be provided through LeFlore County Youth Services, Inc. as necessary and often can make the difference in assisting these children on their path to healing and recovery.

     A Parent may utilize the shelter for their children for up to 48 hours in a crisis situation. This can often provide the parent and child with the critical time they need to de-escalate and gain a new perspective on a difficult situation. The goal of the Youth Shelter is to provide a home-like environment to promote a sense of safety.

     The Youth Shelter is licensed by the Department of Human Services of Child Care and is also monitored by the Office of Juvenile Affairs. The Youth Shelter provides the basic needs of food and shelter as well as counseling services, supervised activities such as computer time, video game, puzzles, movie time, basketball, volleyball, and horseshoes.

     Due to the revolving nature of the shelter there are many needs that come up daily. Many of these needs are being field through community donations. The following is a current list of items that are needed:
Underclothes - Pajamas - T-Shirts
Hygiene items: Deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrushes /combs
Board and Staff